Friday, November 11, 2011

Preview #55: Comic Books For The Week Of Wednesday, November 9, 2011:

Legion Lost #3 (DC)
Star Trek/Legion Of Super-Heroes #2 (of 6) (IDW)
Rachel Rising #3 (Abstract Studios)

I've got a lot going on this Saturday, so I won't be going to my local comic book shop, Acme Comics, until next week.

So far, I'm enjoying reading about the Legionnaires marooned in the 21st Century, and, now that the players have been introduced in the Star Trek/Legion crossover, I'm anxious to read what's going to happen next to both casts of characters. Chris Roberson's writing was the only thing that made the Grounded storyline bearable, after he took over for original Grounded writer J. Michael Straczynski, so I have faith that he has created a well-crafted story for this mini-series.

Of the three titles I'm getting this week, I'm going to save Rachel Rising for last. I've enjoyed Terry Moore's writing and art so much that his new series promises to be the best read each week it's published. He just doesn't know who to create a bad comic book.

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