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Issue #41: Comic Books For The Week Of January 21, 2009

Late comic book for the week of December 24, 2008:
The Astounding Wolf-Man #11 (Image) * * *
This title is not on my pull list. I picked it up because it is the second part of a story begun in Invincible #57. I didn't pick up the comics for the last few weeks of December until after New Year's Day, so I didn't know about this issue until this week. Invincible and Wolf-Man face not only the Re-Animen, but another super group. It was cool to see how Invincible uses an opponent as a weapon, (can you say "Batter up"?). The rest of the issue was more of a Wolf-Man story, with Invincible as a guest, as Wolf-Man, Gary, deals with the recent tragedy in his life. It was a good team up and a decent wrap up to the story. I would have rated this issue higher except I don't collect this title and don't plan on it. Wolf-Man is another excellent title by Robert Kirkman, full of his excellent storytelling strengths. I'm just not into monster books and don't have room in my comic buying budget if I did. If you enjoy monster comics, by all means, pick it up if you haven't already.

Comic books for the week of January 21, 2009:
Supergirl #37 (Faces Of Evil tie-in) (DC)
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 (of 2) (DC)
Back Issue Bin: Superman #296 (DC) Who Took The Super Out Of Superman?

Supergirl #37 (Faces Of Evil tie-in) (DC) * * * * *
While this issue is not officially part of the New Krypton story, it is certainly full of the aftermath of that story's conclusion. We learn what exactly happened to Agent Liberty at the end of Action Comics #873. The "apron strings" are pretty strong between Supergirl and her mother Allura, we find out. There are several possibilities to the identity of Superwoman presented. According to a house ad, Faces Of Evil is "The DCU from the villains point of view!" As much as I enjoy this issue, the only thing I don't like is the modern version of Superwoman being presented as a villain. But maybe there is more in store for her in the future that might point to her rehabilitation. I can only hope. I was going to drop Supergirl after the end of New Krypton, strictly for budgetary reasons, but this Superwoman story is too intriguing to miss. I'll keep getting this title at least through this new storyline.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D #2 (of 2) (DC) * * * * *
This issue even came with its own pair of 3-D glasses, like the first issue. The 3-D effect is very sophisticated and fits in well in the parts of the story it is done, without being a cheap gimmick. While I'm not a regular reader of Final Crisis, I couldn't resist this tie-in. The first issue did not disappoint me, and this concluding issue delivers. Even though the story is a mind bending dimension hopping cosmic story, it has a clear mission and goal. It was a lot of fun to see all of the different versions of Superman, as well as the Dr. Manhattan-like character. The final few pages are the best of the issue. This is a mind-tripping Grant Morrison story that delivers. I did see a preview of the forst pages of Final Crisis #7, so I do plan on looking at the issue this next week at Acme Comics http://acme-superstore.com/) to see if the end of the issue is as good as the first scenes, and warrant picking up at least this issue. I'll let you know next week.

Back Issue Bin: Superman #296 (DC) Who Took The Super Out Of Superman?
This week I intended to look for issue #298, the second part of the Clark Kent Forever - Superman Never! issue #297. Acme Comics did not have #298, but it did have issue #296, which was apparently the beginning of the story. After some super feats, Superman dons his Clark Kent identity, and winds up in the hospital after trying to be a good samaritan. This issue shows the most unusual, if not gross, way for Clark to hide his Superman costume I ever saw. A strange man wearing a yellow suit seems to be trailing Superman / Clark anonymously, (and isn't wearing a yellow suit the best way to blend into a crowd?) All jesting aside, this Cary Bates & Elliot S! Maggin story is one of the better ones from the 1970's. This weekend I plan on visiting Coliseum of Comics (http://www.coliseumofcomics.com/) grand opening at the Sanford Mall and see if they have the (possibly) concluding chapter of this story. I will let you know what I find.

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Issue #40: Comic Books For The Week Of January 14, 2009

I've finally caught up on this blog. I still have to catch up on the expanded show notes for http://supermanfanpodcast.blogspot.com/. My resolution this year is to keep up with both blogs and not get behind. I did good with last year's resolutions, doing Superman Fan Podcast (http://supermanfanpodcast.mypodcast.com/) and this blog, as well as posting a page of comic book art. This year I want to work on one of my comic book ideas, first writing complete scripts of the story and then drawing the pages and posting them on my Comic Space page (http://www.comicspace.com/supermanfan).
Also, for those who may be new to this blog, I review the comics I read every week. Since I don't have a lot of money to waste on titles I don't like, so I stick woith titles I enjoy. That is why my ratings seem generous. I admit I'm not the most critical reviewer. If I enjoy it I usually give an issue aa generous rating. But I'm not afraid to say when a story is only average or is below my expectations. This blog is just a way of sharing what I read every week, in case a reader finds a title they don't read but might find interesting. So here goes:

Comic books for the week of January 14, 2009:
Sgt. Rock: the Lost Batallion #3 (of 6) (DC)
Invincible #58 (Image)
Action Comics #873 (New Krypton #10) (DC)
Back Issue Bin: Superman #297 (DC)

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Batallion #3 (of 6) * * * * *
Easy Company and the Lost Batallion come under attack from a Tiger Tank. Speaking of tanks, there is a nice cameo of the Haunted Tank, from an old DC war title I read a few issues of. And we see more of the Japanese 442nd Company from WWII history as well. I'm not to sure how confident I am in Gen. Dahl. I wonder if he's really a good, tough general, or one who has been reading too many of his press clippings. We'll find out in the last three issues.

Invincible #58 (Image) * * * * *
Mark and Oliver stop at a familiar hot dog stand, for lnog-time readers of Invincible. Atom Eve leaves Stronghold Penetentiary. We find out later in the issue what she was doing there, and I didn't come close to guessing. Robot might have found a solution to Monster Girl's condition. Immortal and Dupli-Kate go house hunting. And the issue ends with not one but two separate menaces looming. And one of them is a shocker. No one is as good as Robert Kirkman at setting up future issues in his story. Another excellent issue with a lot going on.

Action Comics #873 (New Krypton #10) (DC) * * * * *
The battle over Kandor is not going well for Earth's heroes, but Allua finds a unique solution to the conflict. Supergirl makes a hard choice, and the ending is a big surprise. New Krypton continues to be an excellent story, and is setting up 2009 to be another great year for Superman. The 70th year of Superman, 2008, turned out to be a great year for Superman, and 2009 looks to be even better.

Back Issue Bin: Superman #297 (DC) * * * * *
Superman stories in the '70's were inconsistent at times. They could be great, or they could be silly. Clark Kent Forever -- Superman Never! is one of the former. Something is going on with Superman's powers, and Clark seems to be coming out of his shell. There are a few scenes where he is not mild-mannered at all, when provoked. And this issue has a scene that crated some buzz in the news:did Clark and Lois spend the whole night together, or didn't they? I'll have to look for issue # 298 when I go to Acme Comics (http://acme-superstore.com) on Wednesday.

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Issue #39 Catch Up Week #8 Part II

This time I will be blogging about the comic books I bought during the month of December, 2008. I did not make it to Acme Comics (http://acme-superstore.com/) the last two weeks of the yearI did not look forward to driving on I-4 on Christmas Eve, and of course the next week comics did not come out until Friday, January 2, 2009. The comics for the first two weeks of January will be in Part III.

Comic books for the week of December 3, 2008:
Noble Causes #38 (Image)
Sgt. Rock: the Lost Batallion #2 (of 6) (DC)
Justice Society of America #21 (DC)

Noble Causes #38 (Image) * * * * *
Only two issues left before Jay Faerber ends the title. At least he's ending the title on top. In this issue Rusty and the rest of the Noble team investigate the mysterious rust on Cosmic Rae's body. Celeste tries to figure why the woman involved in the attack on the Nobles claims to be her husband's granddaughter, when Colonel Comet had no children. And Doc Noble makes a mistake I would never want to make with Olympia. What makes this issue excellent is that it deals with the aftermath of superhero battles and collateral casualties that are never dealt with in super hero comics.

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion #2 (of 6) * * * * *
Easy Company catches hell in the forest with the rest of the troops. They are then sent to bring reinforcements back to the force in the forest. This issue explores bits of WWII history, like the Japanese-American troops who fought with valor in Europe, and the zipper-like sound that 88mm shells made in the air. Nothing is ever easy for Easy Company, and Sgt. Rock is Rock. This mini-series is a worthy successor to the classic Kanigher-Kubert comic book.

Justice Society of America #21 (DC) * * * * *
The dark secret of Gog is finally revealed, and the factions of the JSA battle Gog and each other. The issue ends with another shocking conclusion, setting up the conclusion with the next issue. What makes this issue excellent is that it's not just superhero fisticuffs and mindless destruction of public property. The way the characters engage with each other even as they battle each other shows the emotions each character feels during the battle. Not every super hero battle has that depth, unfortunately.

Comic books for the week of December 10, 2008:
Echo #8 (Abstract Studios)
Invincible #56 (Image)
Action Comics #872 (New Krypton #7) (DC)
Watchmen #1 (DC)

Echo #8 (Abstract Studios) * * * * *
Julie faces the mysterious crazy old man with the metallic hand at the motel. The conflict is horrifying, and it turns out there is more to this crazy old man than we previously thought. Ivy continues searching for clues in the last motel room Julie stayed at, in Ivy's unique way. The horror of what Julie has accidentially become entangled in is more intense with each issue, and we are slowly learning just what the mysterious metal's properties are. Terry Moore is as much the master of action-adventure in this title as he was a master of relationship stories in the classic Strangers In Paradise. This issue is not appropriate for young children or readers who do not like gory action, but it is not pointless violence. The interaction of the characters is leading to some unknown point in the future when this conflict will come together, to what end we can only imagine.

Invincible #56 (Image) * * * * *
Mark and Atom Eve deal with the aftermath of their evening, and we learn we don't want to threaten any of Mark's friends or we might wind up like the guy on the cover. Mark does have some Viltrumite in him after all. Kid Omni-Man goes back in action again. Robert Kirkman knows how to combine super hero action and character development ina way too few comic book writers know how to.

Action Comics #872 (New Krypton #7) (DC) * * * * *
The story lives up to the cover. We do see the return of the Creature Commandos, a group I had never heard of before. I like how Geoff Johns weaves in characters from DC Comics vast history into his stories. I'll have to search on line about the Creature Comandos and learn about their original appearances in comics. Superman is in Kandor, trying to bring the Kandorian murderers of Stryker's Island prison guards to justice. Luthor and Brainiac interact with each other, and Kandor comes under attack. And what is the secret of Doomsday's body that Gen. Lane knows and Luthor discovers? New Krypton is an excellent story, and each issue makes me look forward more to how its conclusion is going to change Superman's world during this new year.

Watchmen #1 (DC) * * * * *
This is a reprinting of the first issue of Watchmen in its original format. I have the graphic novel already, but who could resist picking up this copy and getting a feel on what it was like to read this story as a monthly comic. The cover is a new one, but the original cover is reproduced as an inside cover. This is one of the few titles to get 6 (*)'s for me, and, as I've said before in this blog, could serve as a textbook on creating comics, not just grim and gritty stories, but the subtle techniques used in this story.

Comic books for the week of December 17, 2008:
Supergirl #36 (New Krypton #8) (DC)
Back Issue Bin: Legion of Super-Heroes #3 (DC) reprinting Adventure Comics #340

Supergirl #36 (New Krypton #8) (DC) * * * * *
Kara and her mother deal with the consequences of what happened to Zor-El after the end of the human attack on Kandor. We also meet Superwoman, and get a little more familiar with Nightwing and Flamebird. The New Krypton story is not heading to a happy ending, but continues to be an excellent Superman story.

Back Issue Bin: Legion of Super-Heroes #3 (DC) * * * * *
This issue was published in 1973, and reprints Adventure Comics #340, January 1966. The Computo story is a classic Legion story, and this issue is part one of that story. We see the death of one of Triplicate Girl's bodies, after which she became Duo Damsel. For Legion fans like me this is a great find, especially when it waasn't expensive. This particular copy isn't in great condition, but isn't about to fall apart, whic is fine with me.

Comic books for the week of December 24, 2008:
Top 10: Season Two #3 (of 4) (DC)
Invincible #57 (Image)
The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2 (of 6) (Dark Horse)

Top 10: Season 2 #3 (of 4) (DC) * * * * *
Most of the issue involves Peregrine's husband Lloyd going to a Premise Keepers Origin Weekend convention, so that he can become more established in just what his superhero identity is. It has a very unusual conclusion. The precinct is not any closer to solving the murder that opened this mini-series, but catches a break in the investigation of wizards giving kids magic words that transform them into super heroes. This is what I like in a comic book, taking the super hero genre and giving it a unique twist. And this mini-series still delivers.

Invincible #57 (Image) * * * *
Invincible gets help from the old Teen Team in learning what the floating globes are that seem to follow Invincible around. He thinks he knows where it came from, and winds up in the situation shown on the cover, battling Wolf-man. Things don't bode well at the end of the issue for either character. We learn a little more about Wolf-man, and are clued in about what has happened in his own title, without taking us out of this story in Invincible. Kirkman really knows how to introduce those of us, like me, who don't read Wolf-man's individual title. The only thing is that the conclusion will be in The Astounding Wolf-man #11. That is one reason I knocked off a (*) on my rating. This story is not as complex as some recent issues, and is a straightforward action story. But that's fun too.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas#2 (of 6) (Dark Horse) * * * * *
More bizarre villains come to the diner, with horrific consequences for the cook. I think I would want to avoid this diner completely, if I lived in this world, no matter how hungry I was. Kraken is the only one trying to resume his life as a hero, investigating the recent events involving Number Five. Kraken's reunion with his siblings doesn't go well, and we learn who the two bizarre villains are after. Gerard Way's writing continues to tell a great story in his sophmore effort.

Comic books for the week of January 2, 2009:
Legion of Super-Heroes #49 (DC)
Fantastic Four #562 (Marvel)
Justice Society of America #22 (DC)
Superman #683 (New Krypton #9) (DC)

Legion of Super-Heroes #49 (DC) * * * * *
Saturn Girl's and Phantom Girl's investigation into the actions of Princess Projectra comes to a head, Brainiac 5 reaches a breakthrough in his research into the rogue planet, allowing the Legion to formulate a plan of action. The next, and last, issue of this volume of LSH, seems to be set up to end with a bang. I just hope after the Legion reappear in the new Adventure Comics that it will have a steady vision, instead of starting over so to speak almost every year, as it has recently. After the Legion of 3 Worlds mini-series, I hope the Legion are set up with a clear vision that will carry it into a more stable future.

Fantastic Four #562 (Marvel) * * * * *
The issue opens with the most unusual funeral scene I have ever read in comics. We see the Watcher observe the service in the background. We learn some of the talents Reed and Sue's daughter Valeria has, a chilling conversation between Dr. Doom and Reed, and s special evening for Ben. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch continue their great run on the FF.

Justice Society of America #22 (DC) * * * * *
The battle with Gog ends in this issue in a very unique way. The conclusion is as exciting as the previous issues that set it up, and it is a fitting end. Some of the pages are done by Alex Ross in his classic style. The last three pages are the best of the entire storyline. This Kingdom Come story lived up to its promise and remained faithful to the original Kingdom Come mini-series. The cover was perfect for this concluding issue. With the end of this story, I will be dropping JSA from my pull list. I have no doubt that Geoff Johns will continue telling great stories, but I picked up JSA specifically for its Kingdom Come story. With my tight comics budget, it's time for me to drop this title, to make a little more room for some upcoming titles, like Geoff Johns' Secret Origins: Superman mini-series.

Superman#683 (New Krypton #9) (DC) * * * * *
Members of both the JLA and the JSA go to Kandor to bring the Kryptonian murderes to justice. A battle breaks out between the two sides. Superman and Allura's confrontation forces Supergirl to take unexpected action, and some unexpected allies show up at the end of the issue. This story has been building to this flashpoint, and there was quite a spark to set it off. I can't wait to read the final chapter of New Krypton.

This issue catches me up to the titles I bought this previous Wednesday. I will blog about those tomorrow, and I hope to return to a regular schedule after that for the rest of the year, except for vacations, of course.

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I realize most of my ratings of late have been 5 (*)'s, but I don't collect comics I really don't like, and these last months have had some excellent stories in almost all of the titles I read. So I'm not ashamed of my generous ratings. I would rather build up a good story rather than tear down a bad one.

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Issue #39: Catch Up Week #8 Part I

I'm starting the new year behind. I didn't have a chance to blog during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and I starting this year with a cold, which I've just gotten over this week. So I will break this issue into parts for the last two months of the year. My resolution this year is to stick to my comic buying budget, if I want my wife to remain happy with me. In tight financial times, there isn't any extra finances to blow on extra comics. I've dropped Justice Society of America after the end of the Kingdon Come story, and Noble Causes will end with issue #40. I was thinking of dropping Supergirl as well, but the Superwoman story is intriguing, so that will remain on my pull list. And now let's catch up on the comics I read at the end of the year.

Late comic book for the week of Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Noble Causes #37 (Image) * * * *
This issue came out around the time I was setting up my pull list at Acme Comics (http://www.acme-superstore.com) so this one slipped by me until issue #38 appeared. The excellent staff of Acme back ordered this issue for me. Invincible appears on the cover, and guest stars in this issue, which adds depth to the Image super hero world. Most of the issue was a super hero fight, which would have made it an average story, but the character moments added another * to my rating. The dilemma Slate found himself in, and the exchanges between Slate and Zephyr drew my interest into the story as much if not more than the fight itself. Maybe I'm a more mature comic book reader, or maybe I'm just showing my age. And the ending hooked me for the next issue.

Comic books for the week of Wednesday, November 5, 2008:
Sgt. Rock: The Lost Batallion #1 (of 6) (DC)
Top 10: Season 2 #2 (America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC)
Justice Society of America #20 (DC)
Adventure Comics Special Featuring The Guardian #1 (One Shot) (DC)

Sgt. Rock: the Lost Batallion #1 (of 6) (DC) * * * * *
This Billy Tucci written and drawn story opens with a nod to Joe Kubert's Rock through the brush of war correspondent Kilroy, who is this story's point of view. The issue begins with the Allied landing on Omaha Beach, showing why Sgt. Rock is Rock. Then Easy Company is assigned to an infantry unit heading into the mountains of Foret De Champ by a general who makes you wonder if he knows what he is doing or if he is an incompetent full of bluster. And Kilroy is tagging along. There is plenty of room for character development, even through the battle scenes, which is a sign to me of an excellent storyteller. This issue made me hang around for the second issue.

Top 10: Season Two #2 (of 4) (America's Best Comics / Wildstorm / DC) * * * *
Irma is dealing with the grief of losing her partner, Girl One, on top of relating to her replacement. The precinct is on the case of a magician giving kids a magic word that turns them into supermen, as well as an unusual hostage situation. I would give this issue another (*), but I'm concerned about the new commissioner. He seems another by the book leader, as in the previous mini-series by Jerry Ordway. I'm concerned that plot is repeating itself, or is it the way things always are at the precinct. But I'm not giving up on the title. There are too many interesting characters and plot threads keeping my interest.

Justice Society of America #20 (DC) * * * * *
The battle between the JSA and Justice League Infinity of Earth-2 breaks out. We get to see the Earth-2 Batcave, much like the golden or silver age Batcave. And Jerry Ordway's art for the Earth-2 scenes, as well as the Alex Ross cover, make this an enjoyable issue. Alternate worlds and heroes, what else could you ask for?

Adventure Comics Special Featuring the Guardian #1 (of 1) (DC) * * * * *
This is issue #3 of the New Krypton saga, and continues the story begun in the Jimmy Olsen special. We learn the origin of this Jim Harper aka Guardain clone, as well as his daughter. We also get an unusual Legion tie-in. His story explores the dark side of Cadmus. This issue isn't necessary to folow the New Krypton story, but it's an excellent story on its own, and it dows add depth to the overall story. I would recommend you pick it up.

Comic books for the week of Wednesday, November 12, 2008:
Lost & Found #1 (of 1) (IDW)
Action Comics #871 (New Krypton #4) (DC)
Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Superman #1 (of 1) (DC)

Lost & Found #1 (of 1) * * * * *
I've read Beau Smith's column Busted Knuckles at the web site http://www.comicsbulletin.com/ for several years, and I enjoyed his previous mini-series Cobb, also from IDW. In this single issue, Lost & Found is a tesxtbook on how to take one issue and establish characters, tell a story, and wrap it up in a satisfying conclusion. It's kind of like the silver age DC stories, silly as they often were. In a five or six page story they told a complete story, tossing a plot point in a line what modern creators would take several issues for. The premise of Lost & Found is that areas around the world like the Bermuda Triangle are actually portals to an island out of time. People from different eras of history pass through these portals and are stranded on this "timeless" island. As people are wont to do, they split up into rival camps. A U. S. helicopter crew find themselves on this island, and become involved in the local conflict, as well as trying to find a way back. Beau shows his writing skills by using the action to explore characterization. We learn more about them as we follow the story, something not every comic book writer can do well. After the end of the story is a text page that fuly explains the premise of the story as it concerns this mysterious island. It's a great action story worth your time.

Action Comics #871 (New Krypton #4) (DC) * * * * *
The Alex Ross cover alone is worth 5 (*), showing Nightwing and Flamebird (for silver age fans like me) and Krypto to boot! We see more of Gen. Lane and Luthor, and get the battle between Doomsday and a gang of Kryptonians. As we watch the Kandorians adjust to life on Earth, we see how important Clark's Kansas upbringing was on how he uses his powers as Superman. We also get to see some of what the modern Nightwing's and Flamebird's powers are.This issue continues Geoff Johns excellent run on Action, and Pete Wood's art is an able substitute to Gary Frank.

Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Superman #1 (of 1) (DC) * * * * *
Another excellent Alex Ross cover, as well as the interior story and art, made this issue an easy choice to read last, because I knew this would be the best read of my titles for the week. Again, this issue is not necessary to follow the Kingdom Come story in JSA, but adds a depth and a richness to the story that makes it a must read. This time Alex does not paint the art as he usually does. that chore is ably done by Alex Sinclair. We learn the final moments of the Lois Lane of the Kingdom Come mini-series, with another fun cameo from that story as well. The Kingdom Come superman has a conversation with the last person he wants to talk to. And that is what makes this story one of the best individual issues of 2008.

Comic books for the week of November 19, 2008:
The Spirit Special #1 (DC)
Fantastic Four #561 (Marvel)
Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Magog #1 (of 1)
Supergirl #35 (New Krypton #5) (DC)
Invincible #55 (Image)

The Spirit Special #1 (DC) * * * * *
This issue, an obvious tie-in to The Spirit movie, which unfortunately I can't bring myself to watch from what I've heard, reprints more classic Eisner stories. These stories hold up well, except for the horrible caricature of the black character Ebony. It's easy to see how The Spirit influenced generations of comic book artists who entered the industry afterward. reading Eisner is an excellnt study on how to create a comic book story, and how to tell a complete story with depth in only seven pages.

Fantastic Four #561 (Marvel) * * * * *
Reed, Sue and Ben engage the New Defenders, who are trying to transport the poeple of their future time to safety. The resolution of this conflict has a surprising conclusion. All of the various plot threads come together in this issue to a satisfying conclusion. And the last page has an "Oh, Crap!" moment that needs to be seen to be believed. The team that created Ultimates 1 & 2 have created another satisfying story.

Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Magog #1 (of 1) (DC) * * * * *
None of these Kingdom Come Specials have been a disappointment. Magog is another excellent story. We see Gog and Magog use their powers to heal the environment of the atrocities of the terrorists, and find unique ways of dispensing justice. We also learn of the background of David Lance, aka Magog, and of his military service in a heatbreaking way. At the back of the issue is a good story outlining the origin of Starman of the Legion.

Supergirl #35 (New Krypton #5) (DC) * * * * *
Another excellent chapter of the New Krypton saga. Kara's Krytonian parents are not happy about her human secret identity, and Lana clashes with Cat Grant over her continuing slant against Supergirl. This issue provides a flashback of Kara being sent to safety from Argo City and why. And is that Superwoman on the cover?

Invincible #55 (Image) * * * * *
Nolan Grayson is on the cover, which can only mean one thing. Anytime a Viltrumite is shown on the cover, rest assured that a lot of blood will flow in the issue. This one is no different. Allen the Alien is a prisoner on the same ship with Nolan, and we learn why. At the end of the issue we learn a secret about the Viltrumites, and Mark's relationship with Atom Eve continues to develop. As usual, Invincible continues to be a title I save for last each month because it's guaranteed to be an excellent read. This issue is just not for squemish or young readers.

Comic books for the week of Wednesday, November 26, 2008:
Legion of Super-Heroes #48 (DC)
Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom #1 (of 1) (DC)
Superman #682 (New Krypton #6) (DC)
Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 (of 6) (Dark Horse)

Legion of Super-Heroes #48 (DC) * * * * *
It was great to see the return of Legion try-outs. while this was happening, delegates from the rogue planet meet with the President of the United Planets. Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl continue their investigation of Princess Projectra. Finally, the diplomatic meeting ends with a shocking ending. I wasn't sure if Shooter's story was leading anywhere, but it is rushing to a heady conclusion in issue #50.

Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: The Kingdom #1 (of 1) (DC) * * * * *
The JSA is split into two camps, those who want to obey Gog's demand that they worship him, and those who think something is not quite right with him. The Kingdom Come Superman has an interesting conversation with this world's version of a fellow hero from his world, Gog's presence creates some interesting conflicts between members of the JSA. Again, this issue is not necessary to follow the Kingdom Come story, but it adds to it and stands on its own as a story. It sets up what should be a great conclusion in JSA #21. Plus the back of the issue has a great Justice Society Infinity portrait drawn by Jerry Ordway.

Superman #682 (New Krypton #6) (DC) * * * * *
Clark and Ma Kent spend some time together at Pa Kent's grave. In Metropolis Jim Harper has a meeting, and Kandorians are rounding up Superman's rogue gallery, sans Luthor, and Superman is not happy. New Krypton continues to be a great story, and I can't wait to see how things set up for the new year in the Superman titles.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 (of 6) (Dark Horse) * * * * *
The issue begins with a meeting between President Kennedy and Sir Reginal Hargreeves, the adoptive father of the Umbrella Academy orphans. This time a Washington D. C. monument comes alive for the kids to battle. In the present, the adult Umbrella Academy are not faring well after the events of the first mini-series. Each member gets a scene that develops their character as it sets up this new mini-series. It's a bizarre story, which is part of its charm. It's not for young readers, or the squeaminsh, but so far is as good as the original mini-series. Gerard Way is really developing as an excellent comic book talent.

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